The Psychology of Creativity (And Why it Matters for Your Child) with guest Dr. Michael Alcee

About this Episode

Want to help cultivate your child’s creativity? Wondering how to help your child integrate the creative and logical parts of their mind? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri interview clinical psychologist, Dr. Michael Alcee who specializes in the psychology of creativity. He shares how we as parents can help nurture creativity in our children while also supporting the development of linear thinking. Michael tells us that encouraging our kids to explore the many sides of themselves is a key aspect of mental health. From creativity to emotions to interests to introversion, we cover a lot about integrating creativity, passions, and skillsets in this hour. Join us for a journey into the psychology of creativity.

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Building Blocks for Life: Collaboration and Problem-Solving through Hands-On Learning with Guest Laura Coe

In this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and Teri Miller interview Laura Coe, the Founder and CEO of Snapology, a STEM/STEAM enrichment program for kids.  Laura shares the importance of hands-on learning experiences for children, particularly those that include exposure to  science, technology, engineering, art, and math. She discusses the benefits of  early experiences with building blocks, robots, and other hands-on materials to help create a foundation of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork, and other social skills. 

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Raising Innovative Thinkers: The Power of Art for Kids with guest Bette Fetter

In this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy interviews Bette Fetter, the CEO of Young Rembrandts and the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book Being Visual: Raising a Generation of Innovative Thinkers.  Bette shares how the arts are critical for developing the skills that lead to creativity, innovation, and out-of-the box thinking. She discusses how schools are missing the opportunity to nurture these skills that every child will need in adulthood regardless of career path. Best of all, she shares how all children have the capacity for artistry with some instruction.   

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