Hey Mom, Who’s Taking Care of You? (Let’s Talk About Emotional Exhaustion) with guest Nancy Colier, LCSW

About this Episode

If we asked you, “who’s taking care of you?” what would your response be? We bet the responses would range from a spit-take to a chuckle, from a frown to actual tears. Nancy Colier, author of The Emotionally Exhausted Woman, Why You’re Feeling Depleted, and How to Get What you Need has asked a number of women this question as she worked on her book and, almost without fail, the women cried—they were desperate for her book and desperate for someone to care for them. We’re sure you can relate—do you have someone who takes care of you?

In her book, Nancy investigates why women have such a hard time with this concept, and how our friends, our partners, and we ourselves have conspired to create a culture in which women are expected to make themselves small, put others first, and ignore our own needs in favor of being easygoing and likeable.

Listen, ladies: if you’ve ever been told you’re hysterical, too much, angry, unlikeable, difficult, or overreacting, this one’s for you. (Isn’t that all of us?) Nancy’s approach to emotional exhaustion was truly revolutionary for us—and we hope it will help you approach your feelings of emotional exhaustion and overwhelm from a new perspective.

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