Save Money Paying for College with guest Brad Baldridge

About this Episode

Are you worried about the high cost of college? Thinking about how you or your kids are going to afford to pay for college? Wondering if student loans are the right way to go? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri interview college funding consultant Brad Baldridge. Brad is a financial planning expert and the host of Taming the High Cost of College podcast. 

He shares how complex the college financial planning process can be. From finding scholarships to deciding about loans to deciphering the true cost of college (it’s not always what the school website says), Brad says busy parents can use help with the heavy lifting. And the cost of hiring a college funding consultant is often recovered by the money you can save on tuition! Tune in to learn about working with a college funding consultant and get access to Brad’s free videos about college scholarships.

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