The Power of Self-Talk with guest Shelley Bosworth

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy and Teri interview female mindset coach Shelley Bosworth of Shelley Bosworth Coaching and host of The Successful Ladies Escape Lounge on Facebook.  Shelley shares how our years of negative self-talk impact how we approach challenges in life and that we can learn to reframe our thoughts and the way we speak to ourselves in order to create a mindset that moves us forward. She says that so many women want more out of their lives but just don’t know how to approach getting there. Her coaching and free Facebook support group helps women with mindset, motivation, and momentum for experiencing and achieving success.  

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COVID’s Impact on Children’s Mental Health & How We Can Help with guest Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy & Teri interview Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge: psychologist, mental health trailblazer, founder of the Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health, a media expert who is changing the way we view and treat children’s mental health, and author of the book, It’s Gonna Be OK!   

Dr. Roseann shares how the pandemic has worsened the mental health crisis for our children and adolescents and what we are seeing as a result. She talks about the impact of social isolation and how children are struggling with regulating their emotions and their basic abilities to communicate with others. The good news? There are ways we can help. Dr. Roseann offers some fantastic tips for parents and reassures us that despite the current challenges, it’s going to be okay!

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Drinking During Pregnancy: FASD Facts and Impacts on Learning with guest Natalie Vecchione

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and Teri Miller interview Homeschool Consultant, FASD Advocate, and author of the book, Blazing New Homeschool Trails: Educating and Launching Teens with Developmental Disabilities.  In the first half of the episode, Natalie shares her story of giving up a career as an art and recreational therapist to homeschool her adopted son with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).  From this experience, she gives listeners tips on adapting the homeschool curriculum to meet the needs of neurodiverse kids–a new way of thinking about preparing kids with special needs for adulthood. 

In the second half of the show, Natalie shares facts and research about FASD that may surprise even the most informed among us. Her research-backed message? No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy. This is a must-listen episode with a passionate and knowledgeable FASD expert.  

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Back to School: The Path to Confidence with guest Stephanie Dua

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy and Teri interview Stephanie Dua, Co-Founder and President of HOMER Learning, an early reading and math program for kids 2-8. Stephanie shares the importance of creating a strong foundation of reading and math readiness skills for confidence beginning or returning to school. She also shares insights for moms about her 80/20 parenting philosophy with tips on eliminating a perfectionist mindset and adopting a more simplified approach.  The conversation also includes helping children manage big emotions with confidence. It’s an episode full of tips and insights from a highly-experienced and respected education entrepreneur! 

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The Nurtured Heart Approach to Parenting & Communicating with guest Lillian Reekie

In this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast,  Dr. Amy Moore and visiting co-host Sandra Zamalis interview The Parenting Strategist, Lillian Reekie.  Lillian shares her personal journey and challenges of raising a neurodiverse child and the transformative impact of learning and implementing Howard Glasser’s Nurtured Heart Approach to parenting and communicating with both her children.  As an Advanced Trainer in this extraordinary approach, she teaches moms (and dads) how to use it in their own relationships with their children. Lillian gives listeners some parenting tips to use right away, free access to her book, and information about her Facebook group and parenting classes.  Grab your tissues and listen to this heartwarming and encouraging episode!

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Resuming Your Career after a Break: Strategies for Moms with guest Janice Scholl

In this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and visiting co-host Sandra Zamalis interview Janice Scholl, host of the Money, Career, & Motherhood podcast and founder of Strategic Sabbaticals.  Janice discusses the struggles and fears that moms face when trying to return to work after taking a break to have a child. She shares tips for staying connected during a break, being thoughtful in considering what the next career looks like, and how to explain the break in a way that will appeal to future employers. We discovered that being strategic about a career break is possible and got some great resources for helping moms to do it! 

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10 Tips for Raising Good Humans: Life Lessons from a Global CEO with Kim Hanson

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and Teri Miller interview Kim Hanson, the CEO of LearningRx and BrainRx –the largest network of cognitive training centers in the world. Kim shares 10 tips for moms, all focused on raising our kids as good humans. These tips are based on life lessons she learned from her parents, her work in brain training, and her experience as a mom of 4–including a set of twins and a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Kim went from teaching in an inner city school to running a global corporation all while juggling being a mom. Her tips for moms are doable, relatable, and 100% realistic. Want a sneak peak of just a few? She talks about being willing and brave, forgiving easily, being interesting instead of perfect, and being faithful in the little things. An inspiring episode for moms (and dads) with kids of all ages! 

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Don’t Give Up! Fostering Your Child’s Academic Perseverance with Guest Dr. Pooneh Roney

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and Teri Miller interview the dynamic Dr. Pooneh Roney about her research on academic perseverance and motivation with kids. Dr. Roney shares what traits are the biggest predictors of perseverance and school performance and then gives moms tips on how to teach kids to not give up.  She talks about ways to increase self-efficacy and promote a growth mindset. This is an episode packed full of wisdom and takeaways for educators and moms. 

BONUS MATERIAL: Want to hear the raw, unedited, and personal conversation between Dr. Amy and Teri immediately after recording this episode? Check out the video Brainy Moms Unplugged: Fostering Your Child’s Academic Perseverance or audio recording.

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Building Blocks for Life: Collaboration and Problem-Solving through Hands-On Learning with Guest Laura Coe

In this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and Teri Miller interview Laura Coe, the Founder and CEO of Snapology, a STEM/STEAM enrichment program for kids.  Laura shares the importance of hands-on learning experiences for children, particularly those that include exposure to  science, technology, engineering, art, and math. She discusses the benefits of  early experiences with building blocks, robots, and other hands-on materials to help create a foundation of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork, and other social skills. 

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Raising Innovative Thinkers: The Power of Art for Kids with guest Bette Fetter

In this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy interviews Bette Fetter, the CEO of Young Rembrandts and the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book Being Visual: Raising a Generation of Innovative Thinkers.  Bette shares how the arts are critical for developing the skills that lead to creativity, innovation, and out-of-the box thinking. She discusses how schools are missing the opportunity to nurture these skills that every child will need in adulthood regardless of career path. Best of all, she shares how all children have the capacity for artistry with some instruction.   

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