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Dr. Amy

Amy Lawson Moore, PhD
Cognitive Psychologist

Dr. Amy is a cognitive psychologist at LearningRx in Colorado Springs, CO at the headquarters of the largest network of cognitive training centers in the world. She specializes in cognitive rehabilitation training and cognition assessment for neurodevelopmental disorders, brain injury, learning disabilities, and age-related cognitive decline. She also serves as VP of Research at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research. Her ground-breaking brain training and assessment research has been published in peer reviewed medical and psychology journals and presented at conferences around the country. She is a former child development specialist, education administrator, and teacher of teachers with a PhD in psychology and a master’s degree in early childhood education. Dr. Amy has been working with struggling learners for 25+ years in public, private, and government organizations, so she knows a little about thinking and learning. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Modern Brain Journal, a TEDx Speaker, a licensed pastor, and a board-certified Christian counselor. As a counselor, she specializes in treating anxiety for all ages.

Dr. Amy is married to Jeff Moore, a retired Air Force fighter pilot now working as a surgical nurse. They have three incredible sons (ages 16, 20, and 22) and a very mischievous but soft Siberian cat. Originally from South Carolina, Dr. Amy has called Colorado home since 2006. You can find her at www.AmyMoorePhD.com and view her research at www.LearningRx.com/research.

Email her: DrAmy@LearningRx.com
Website: www.AmyMoorePhD.com
Follow her on LinkedIn: AmyLawsonMoore
Find her on FB: https://www.facebook.com/amylawsonmoore/
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Watch Dr. Amy’s TEDx Talk: “Lessons Learned from Training 101,000 Brains”



Terissa M. Miller, MS PSY
Child Development Researcher

Hello and welcome to Brainy Moms! I’m connecting with you from way up in the mountains of Woodland Park, CO. I grew up in Austin, TX just a few blocks from gorgeous Zilker Park in one direction, and the hoppin’ music scene of 6th Street in the other. Ballet was my passion from about the time I could walk, and I spent several years performing with the company Ballet Austin. I did my undergrad studies right across town at University of Texas. (Yeah, it was a pretty cool place to grow up!) In my 20’s I pursued the ever-elusive dream of music/dance/stage performance, and ventured to Nashville, TN. I fell in love with my adventurous professional-cyclist husband there and decided I wanted more from life than the stage could deliver…so I hung up my pointe shoes and got married! Two and half decades later I was celebrating the greatest roles of my life as “Mommy” to nine kids, and “Honey” to that same adventurous now-entrepreneurial, businessman, author, and podcaster, Kevin Miller. (Full disclosure: life with 9 kids & entrepreneur hubby hasn’t been a breeze. I mean, seriously, there were days when I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and binge-watch Netflix.) I started my career as a child development researcher 26 years ago when my firstborn arrived. Years later as my last-born was heading into kindergarten, I made it official and got my Masters of Science in Psychology. Soon after, I started my PhD studies in cognitive research with Grand Canyon University, which I’m still slowly-&-gradually pursuing. In 2015, I met my friend, colleague, and co-host Dr. Amy Moore when I became a Research Associate at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research. I love, love, love working with our research participants (you guessed it, especially kids!) and spreading the word about our work through published research articles. Our podcast is all about encouraging YOU to press through those days of locking-the-bathroom-door frustration as we share brainy ideas for this mom-journey we’re on!

Email me: teri@brainymoms.co