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Brainy Moms is a weekly parenting podcast hosted by cognitive psychologist (and mom of 3) Dr. Amy Moore and child development researcher (and mom of 9) Teri Miller, MS Psy. Together, we bring you conversations with us and expert opinions from brainy guests on topics in parenting, child development, education, psychology & mental health, and even some neuroscience. Tune in for tips and helpful advice for helping you and your child thrive in life, learning, and relationships.

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“If you are looking for a podcast that goes beyond parenting and dives into the psychological aspect of raising children, then this is the podcast for you! Dr. Amy and Teri are insightful hosts that seem to make friends with every expert they talk to. They have a natural ability to welcome guests and ask questions we are all thinking. Thank you for bringing this amazing podcast into the world!”

“So helpful, funny, and insightful! I love getting my weekly dose of intelligent and meaningful conversation from these ladies.”

“I love the positive, practical tips and conversations I hear from these Brainy Moms! This information is helpful for moms who have kids of any age!”

“Informative and relatable discussion for moms of all ages with an emphasis on building relationships and being supportive of one another.”

“Great insight and interesting conversations – from a mom! I’ve really enjoyed Dr. Amy and Teri’s conversations about all things motherhood, parenting, and child education. Great guests and helpful conversations!”

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Our latest episodes:

Divorce Your Debt with guest Katy Almstrom

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and Teri Miller, MS Psy talk to financial coach Katy Almstrom. Katy coaches women who are ready to pay off debt through simple strategies that help lower the stress around money.  Is debt keeping you from reaching your dreams? Then maybe it’s time to break up with your credit cards and divorce your debt. It doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds. In fact, your journey to becoming debt-free can be joyful. Tune in and learn how. 

Finding Joy after Post-Partum Depression with guest Susan Scollen

Can you emerge from the depths of post-partum depression stronger than you were before? Absolutely. You can love yourself, find your voice, and grow through the journey. In this episode, Dr. Amy Moore and Teri Miller, MS Psy talk to health and life coach Susan Scollen about her post-partum depression experience, how she conquered it, and how she embarked on a journey to teach women how to enjoy life again after post-partum depression. If you’re pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, or in the throes of post-partum life right now, this episode is for you!

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